What Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Classical CD

If you are here and reading this, you probably already know that most classical works have several, sometimes in the hundreds, versions of recordings. A lot of those starting down the classical music rabbit hole will have a hard time deciding which choice to make when purchasing a classical cd. Don’t worry, there is not… Continue reading What Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Classical CD

The Acoustic Recording Process 1877 – 1925

For 50 years from the first demonstration of the Edison Phonograph (1877) till the use of the Electrical recording process in 1926, the Acoustric recording process was the method of capturing and reproducing recorded music. In 1926 sound-engineers in the USA made a technological breakthrough that completely transformed the recording of music. The earliest recordings,… Continue reading The Acoustic Recording Process 1877 – 1925

Welcome to the New Site

Thank you for visiting us and welcome to our new site. We have added some great new bells and whistles that will allow us to keep you informed about everything Classical Music including our favorite shiny disk format. Bookmark us and make sure to visit regularly as we will be adding new content all of… Continue reading Welcome to the New Site

Karl Kritz

A lessor known but great conductor is Austrian conductor Karl Kritz. Mostly known for his work in the 1940s and 1950s in the US he had a fascinating career. Most familiar with his work know him from his work on the conducting staff of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He worked for the opera company… Continue reading Karl Kritz