About Me

This page is dedicated to the study of classical music. It’s an area in which I have spent many years.

I am Melvyn Anthony, also known as Melvyn A, and I have an interest in studying the world of classical music. I’m specifically interested in how it interacts with many other parts of culture from art history, to film.

My work is centered around the study of various aspects of music from analyzing its history so as to understand more about what has been accomplished by musicians and composers over time – to providing a new perspective on music that will be accessible to a wide audience.

I have a Bachelors Degree form the University of Iowa and a Masters Degree from San Jose State University.

For more information on me, please visit my profile page on wikipedia .

I can also be found listed in the following sites: Oxford Music Online , The Lied and Art Song Texts Project , Grove Music Online , WorldCat.org , AllMusic.com , Free Classic Sheet Music (FCSM) , and Classical Archives .

I hope you enjoy the following articles that I have written on classical music.