Karl Kritz

A lessor known but great conductor is Austrian conductor Karl Kritz. Mostly known for his work in the 1940s and 1950s in the US he had a fascinating career. Most familiar with his work know him from his work on the conducting staff of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He worked for the opera company from ’46 to ’49.

After leaving the Metropolitan Opera he joined the faculty of Texas Christian University. He served as the opera program director for over a decade while at Texas Christian.

When he decided to leave Texas Christian, Kritz took the role of music director of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra (SSO). He was actually the first music director of the program. During an SSO concert in 1969 Kritz suffered a heart attack during the performance. He was able to rest during intermission and finished the concert. Unfortunately he was required to be admitted to the hospital and passed only 6 days later on December 17.

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